Wear It To Your Homecoming Rain Dance 3

Wear It To Your Homecoming Rain Dance
Everyone knows that designers love co-opting other cultures. Last year was all about "ethnic" (ie: generic African) jewelry, but we're moving a little closer to home for this season. So, break out your ceremonial headdresses and yucca fiber skirts, because this fall is all about tribal prints! That's right: we took their land, we gave ...

Mod Faux Vintage 2

Mod Faux Vintage
Forever 21 knows what you like. They could sense that your legs were feeling coy. They anticipated the Pirate Dog craze that's sweeping the nation. They knew that the time was right for a Vatican/Jersey Shore collaboration. So, when you say that you like vintage clothes, Forever 21 cuts right to the quick. They know ...

Fabrication 1

Look familiar? Amy over at the fan page found these after my post about the pants. Someone needs to talk  with whoever is in charge of buying fabric over at Forever 21. This isn't the first time they've used the same fabric for different styles. Of course, at least with the Flintstones-wear, the fabric wasn't horrible. ...

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