Nightmare On Aisle Three 3

Nightmare On Aisle Three
Let's say you're a six year old at the grocery store with your mom. As you stand next to her, chattering excitedly about whatever nonsense small children spout, you happen to look at the lady in line ahead of you. Normally you're not particularly observant - after all, you're six - but on this particular ...

Arch Nemesis 5

Arch Nemesis
As we all know, Jeffrey Campbell has some interesting opinions on what parts of a shoe are and aren't important. While you and I might believe that the basic shape of a shoe doesn't need to be improved upon, Jeffrey Campbell is all about finding new ways to deconstruct the shoe for minimum wearability. So, ...

Combat Cutouts 3

Combat Cutouts
After yesterday's post, I decided to make this week Jeffrey Campbell week. I've mentioned Jeffrey Campbell shoes before, most notably with the horrifying open-toed boots from a couple months ago. Chictopia covered Campbell's fever dream-induced footwear designs, except the blogger had a slightly different take on it all than I do. As she said: And ...

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