When Subtext Attacks

When Subtext Attacks
True story: when I was at NYU, one of my professors was ... lovably eccentric. Basically, imagine a man with the mind and speech patterns of Woody Allen and the mannerisms of Christopher Lloyd. Given this very unique combination, it's no surprise that the man was prone to some unusual tangents about the deeper meaning ...

Holy Father Mollusc the IV 2

Holy Father Mollusc the IV
I have one very, very important question, you guys: Why is this cephalopod wearing a Pope hat? ModCloth Sea Creations Shower Curtain - $24.99

Nautically Inspired

I was going to make a whole post about how this jacket is ugly and ridiculous. Then I read the description on the ModCloth site. I've always had a thing for naval-inspired clothes. Okay, maybe I didn't start raving about their glory the day I was born, but their grandeur was certainly my favorite topic ...

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