Beary Fierce 4

Beary Fierce
Urban Outfitters Sparkle and Fade Fuzzy Bodycon Tunic - $19.99

Mod Faux Vintage 2

Mod Faux Vintage
Forever 21 knows what you like. They could sense that your legs were feeling coy. They anticipated the Pirate Dog craze that's sweeping the nation. They knew that the time was right for a Vatican/Jersey Shore collaboration. So, when you say that you like vintage clothes, Forever 21 cuts right to the quick. They know ...

The Friday Thing: American Eagle Spring 5

First and foremost, I have some really exciting news. I've been sitting on it for a while, but it's all official so I can announce it now: starting Monday, I'm going to be doing a live webcast twice a day on the new website Gabcast. So, if a post a day isn't enough to get ...

A Vignette 1

A Vignette
Hello, Darling. Come in. Don't be shy, I won't bite. Oh, who am I kidding, of course I bite. Do you want something to drink? Let's have a cocktail. Like I always say, "It's 5:00 somewhere!" I thought of that, you know. Should have trademarked it when I had the chance, but too late now, ...

Giraphic 7

The weekend after Michael Jackson died, I went to the Griffith Park Zoo. These two events had nothing to do with each other. It was a miserably hot day, and there was not a lot of shade. Even the animals looked miserable (except the meerkats, because it's really hard to find an unhappy-looking meerkat. Fact.) ...

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