Faire Game 6

Faire Game
Words upon words have been spent giving women tips on how to make their office wear go from the office to a night out. This is, of course, valuable information for the majority of women out there. However, there are some women who have, until now, gone unacknowledged. At long last, Frederick's of Hollywood has ...

This Is Madness!

Question: Is it just me, or does this sweater make your boobs look like they're wearing a Spartan helmet? Topshop Foil Studded Neckline Sweat - $55

J. Crew Likes It Ruff 1

We all know the 1980s have been back for a while. But shoulder pads and leggings are so passe. Luckily, J. Crew is bringing back the 80s in their own way: the 1580s. versus I don't actually dislike this top. It's very pretty - on the model. But, because it's all about me (hence the ...

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